Your Broker for all Forex & CFD need: About us.

The Trading Market is big. Our aspirations are bigger.

When we established FXWindsor (FXW Brokers), 30+ years ago, we had one goal in mind: to make the opportunities of investing in the world's financial markets available for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

But as we progressed, we understood that our mission statement must broad itself. Our obligation to the clients could not stop at the possibility of an advanced & available worldwide trading platform, but also to do it in the most fair, transparent, efficient and safe manner, and therefore, become a beacon of investor's security, insurance and safety in a sometimes dark industry.

We set our mind, as we still do on a daily base, to the interdisciplinary of both facilitating our investors access to the global markets, and protecting their funds from extreme market conditions (whether by a global impact or by the investors own doing), at the same time.

As part of this Modus operandi, and the company's mission statement, we have established branches at key points around the world, where we provide our investors with personal service and solutions that enable them to enjoy endless & real-time possibilities of trading with an experienced, leading broker. Our investors can consult, learn and improve daily, and the advanced ones can enjoy unique technologies and innovative trading options).

The last decade was characterized by a considerable crisis in the financial trading industry. Many companies were gone, including publicly listed with a large client base ones; There were several reasons for their collapse - from the inability to offer investors a wide range of investments and higher awareness of virtual currencies to the absence of online reliable and safe controls - but the main one, was always the lack of placing the investor interests first, way ahead of any other interest, or quick gain.

“Trading doesn't just reveal your character, it also builds it if you stay in the game long enough.”

― Yvan Byeajee,
Paradigm Shift: How to cultivate equanimity in the face of market uncertainty

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