FXWindsor - FXWindsor LTD is a leading Group of Companies offering investment services and activities to its clients since 1987. “FXWindsor LTD” is a brand name used by the following companies:

FXWindsor LTD

- مرخّصة من قبل لجنة الخدمات الماليّة الدوليّة في بليز لتقديم خدمات الوساطة والخدمات الإستشاريّة, فضلاً عن تداول الأوراق الماليّة


FXWindsor LTD

Authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (licence number 030/04), the supervisory and regulatory authority for investment services in Cyprus. CySEC is a member of the European Securities and Markets Authorities.

Seldon Investments (Jordan) Ltd

Authorised and regulated by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) which was established in 1997 as a public institution with financial and administrative autonomy to develop, regulate and monitor Jordan’s capital market to maintain a sound investment environment and protect investors. The JSC is entrusted with developing the capital market in accordance with international standards to secure fairness, safety and attract domestic and foreign investors.